eco-friendly packaging

Eco-friendly Packaging Ideas for Your Business

eco-friendly packaging

Today’s modern society is indeed becoming more environmentally conscious than ever. From choosing to buy organically produced food choices, cruelty-free make-up products, to choosing reusable materials in their homes. These environmental concerns that consumers are now looking at when purchasing must as well reflect in the packaging.

Yes, you heard it right. More and more consumers are now becoming more aware of the amount of potential waste that’s generated from packaging materials.

Thinking of doing the switch? Check-out these amazing examples of eco-friendly packaging that you might consider for your business:

Paper Bottles

Paper Bottles packaging
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Seed Phytonutrients, a brand under L’oreal offers organic bath and body products using eco-friendly paper bottles. These water-resistant paper bottle packaging developed by Ecologic Brands, a Californian company, are made with recycled cardboard and newspaper with a sturdy plastic liner and an interlocking design.

Carton Wine Bottles

perfume bottle
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We are all used to using bottles in our wine nights. But did you know that using a carton for your wine can cut the carbon footprint of an average wine bottle by half? This is according to Matthew Cain, founder of Yellow + Blue Wine (which as you know, the combination of Yellow and Blue = Green) prides itself on combining their passion for wine and eco-friendly alternatives. Just check out their amazing carton wine bottle packaging below.

Eco-friendly Packaging Bag

Launched in 2010, the footwear brand Puma introduced the “Clever Little Bag” which is a half-bag, half-box alternative to traditional shoe boxes. It took 21 months for the designer Yves Béhar to make it. It is reusable and takes up less space than traditional shoe boxes. These bags have no laminated printing and do not use any tissue paper.

The bag itself is also non-woven, takes up less space, and weighs less than usual shoe boxes and eco-friendly.

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