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Sticker Materials for Your Packaging Needs

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One of the most commonly used packaging materials in the market are adhesive labels or usually referred to as stickers. Stickers are flexible and easy to produce. Like any other packaging, sticker materials also offer tons of marketing opportunities and brand recall.

Not a lot of people know but there are actually a variety of sticker materials that they can choose from. On this blog, we will introduce to you the different kinds of sticker materials that will surely work for your brand.

Plastic Sticker

plastic stickers

Plastic stickers are a popular choice for products such as shampoo, beauty products, and even condiments due to its water-resistance ability. They are also pliable, which makes them workable for any packaging surface such as glass, plastic, and even jars.

Paper Stickers

paper stickers

Paper stickers are a great choice if you need something cheap but easy to apply. It is pretty much workable for all applications but is mostly used for food packaging, and for eco-friendly products. Paper stickers can also be printed in a variety of finishes from gloss to matte.

Clear Sticker

clear stickers

Clear stickers are pliable like paper stickers and adapt well for most surfaces. This is especially a great option for beverage brands. Using clear stickers on transparent surfaces like glass or clear plastic bottles works great to showcase the insides of your product.

Choosing the right sticker material for your packaging needs is a crucial part of building your identity as a brand. It is necessary that you assess your product through and through. Sticker materials serve as an additional medium to reach your target market.

To take your sticker packaging up a notch, you may also consider material finishes, and customizing the shape and cut of your stickers to make them stand out. For your sticker and label needs, contact us at Check our website or request a quote now!

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