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Why Should You Shift to Paper Bags in 2021?

paper bags in 2021

Product packaging will always play a vital role in consumer decisions and will affect your business 6 days from Sunday. Interactive and eco-friendly product packaging doesn’t just communicate with what you offer but also exhibits the company’s values. Looking at how far things might affect you and your business especially today, why is it necessary to shift to paper bags in 2021?

Alternatives to single-use plastics already exist. The proposed ban in the Philippines has already prompted many businesses to support and promote the development of packaging and delivery systems that don’t rely on disposables. A national ban on disposable plastic products is not only necessary but also doable and practical ways.

Why should businesses shift?

Paper bags are eco-friendly. They are undeniably attractive and are becoming more popular and highly in-demand. So if you’re looking to rebrand your business effectively and innovatively this year, paper bags are the way to go.

Reason for the plastic ban:

Plastics are known to have lasting negative effects on our environment and risks to human lives. To this day, in the Philippines, there are already more than 20 cities and provinces that have implemented a no-plastic ordinance. And many businesses are also starting to shift to customer-owned reusable bags, carton boxes, or paper bags, in lieu of plastics.

Plastic usage for products and beverages are now out of the option!

GAIA commissioned a Social Weather Stations nationwide survey, which showed that 7 out of 10 Filipinos feel that SSUPs should be banned indefinitely. All plastic bags to plastic drink cups, spoons, forks, and even water bottles.

Additionally, 6 out of 10 consumers chose recyclable or refillable containers for condiments. While 4 out of 10 feel that companies should find friendlier alternatives like paper bags right away. In fact, businesses today that are operating on plastic-free systems are gaining the highest momentum.


There are a lot of reasons why businesses should shift to paper bags this 2021! Read our last blog about Sustainable packaging and why does it matter for more information. 

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