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5 Packaging Essentials for Food Brands

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The food industry is one of the most competitive industries in the market. You would know by just simply hanging around the malls, grocery stores, supermarkets – food is practically everywhere. The sheer volume of choices you have in every aisle is overwhelming. Unless you know what to buy, the chance of you buying based on the food packaging is high. It can spell for how well will your brand do in the marketplace.

The Lure of Food Packaging

People are generally hungry all the time. We sometimes go out of our way just to taste the food that we have been craving for days.  

Craving for something is not always being hungry. It could sometimes mean that you are missing the smell, the taste, the experience, or just simply wanting to see the packaging.

Food packaging is a great factor to get ahead of your game. It’s been proven to how it effectively connects your product to your target customers. It evokes a sense of culture, feeling of belongingness, and value. This feeling makes them patronize your brand.

Here are other essentials to consider in creating the best packaging for your business.

Create a Brand Identity

One of the basic principles in food packaging is creating a package that boosts the identity and value of your brand.

Classic examples are chocolate brands. We know a lot of high-end brands of chocolate that not most of us can afford to buy. These expensive chocolates are often kept in a satin veneer and polished with a special ornate box with lavish images and designs on its cover while being wrapped in delicate ribbons.

The packaging, itself, evokes a sense of luxury – the same feeling they want their target market to feel.

Brand identity in general is about connecting to consumers and making them realize that you two share the same values.

Convey Simplicity

Some people like it just natural and mundane. Any packaging that deems too much on the eyes kills someone’s interest in the product. Minimizing your designs and colors could possibly catch more attention than having the opposite like others already look.

While many brands have also pulled off very colorful imagery, many have also succeeded in conveying their brand by using no more than three colors.

However, this will also have to depend heavily on the type of product.

Use Element of Architecture

Your food packaging should follow three important principles – Form, Beauty, and Value.

Most consumers today are so picky about what products to buy. Among many things, the appearance and function of the product are on top of their concerns. They are also becoming so concerned about the wastes they produce. That’s why some only buy food products that are sealed in eco-friendly boxes or bags.

Choosing smart and valuable materials to box out your food product should be your top priority. A huge plus point is if it’s eco-conscious.

Introduce Limited Editions

People love buying things not a lot of people can have. Or trying out something specially made for the season or an occasion.

If you walk into the grocery store during the Christmas season, you would see a bunch of limited edition products. In coffee shops, many people would definitely crash over a shop to taste their sweet Christmas-special strawberry frosted frappe or their reindeer crinkles, for example.

These limited edition products can draw people to purchase, thereby increasing the awareness of the brand. 

Choose Cost-Effective Materials

The budget for the production is always a concern. Common sense dictates that the packaging should not cost more than the product itself.

Be always on top of trends. Read this guide to effective food packaging.

Manufacturers on a tight budget might find themselves constantly struggling to present something valuable. It would indeed be very hard if you don’t know who should you ask for help.

Here at Cr8tive Boxes + Labels, we create cost-effectively and best quality food packaging for your business.

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