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5 Ways Stickers and Label Can Grow Your Business

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To rise above a cut-throat competition in marketing is a lot of work. And it’s very likely to screw your budget plans and leave your marketing campaigns to a huge mess. Effective use of stickers and label can be your one-way ticket to the land of massive opportunities. They are also cost-effective, highly accessible, and have delighted many businessmen for the high revenues that they get out of such a small investment.

Here, we will share with you a few stickers and label design tips, how they should be used strategically, and how they will contribute to more meaningful business outcomes.

Stickers and Label

The ultimate goal is for your product to stand out. After then, all else will follow.

As the competition gets tougher and tougher, where thousands of businesses vie for customer’s attention, how will you carry your brand to the top?

A typical answer would be, “pay up” or “outspend”. That would be right, money can do all the wonders. But what businesses don’t know is that people don’t care about how much you spend on your advertising campaigns. What they know is what you present to them – a product that can either make or break your success.

So in short words, what you show is what you get. If it’s a dull, regular, and lazy-looking product packaging, then you should probably rethink your budget priorities.

You don’t need to spend much; you just need stickers to spice it up. But how should you do it?

The simpler, the better

Stickers are very popular amongst Gen Z and millennials. You can see many of them plastered across their laptop cases, cabinets at home, lockers in school, and practically swarm in many teenage rooms. That’s a free marketing opportunity that you must take advantage of.

These demographics depend highly on visuals. They choose what’s good in their eyes. If your sticker designs on your packaging hit their interest, they would either buy to hoard or stock it for their eyes. It has actually become a hobby for others.

However, you should also know that what these young people want is creative, less complicated, not text-heavy, and simple stickers. If you think you can put all information about your brand there, forget it! This is a crucial design rule you should remember, even for the big ones.

You only have seven seconds to convince someone to buy your product so make it count.

Pick the right sticker material

Decide what kind of sticker materials could possibly catch your target audience’s interests. They could either be paper, plastic, or clear stickers.

Paper stickers are cheap and easy to apply while plastic stickers are pliable and water-resistant making them a popular choice for beauty brands, cosmetics, and some food brands. Clear stickers are also pliable, adapt well on surfaces, and work well for beverage brands.

Read here to learn more about these sticker materials.

Match colors with your brand

If you are trying to make a sticker just for fun, then you can use all the color palettes that you want. But if it’s for your brand packaging, then you have to always highlight your brand palette. You don’t necessarily need to keep your design around your palette, just make sure to have it stand out.

This way you can properly associate your brand to your audiences without having to put in many words that they don’t usually read.

Make your sticker labels readable

For giveaway stickers, always keep your texts readable and comprehensive. But if possible, avoid texts altogether. Your sticker is meant to attract people and express your brand without words. But should you decide to put texts, have it in a maximum of two words, and in capital letters.

But if it’s for your brand packaging, these are the information that should put but not limit to:

·        Logo

·        Name of the product

·        Short description

·        List of ingredients

·        Directory for use

·        Barcode

·        Company information

Free your customers from too much information. If necessary, you can put there your contact details so they can reach you for inquiries or questions about your product.

Use typography and unique photography

Create interesting text and visual designs through typography and photography. Make sure to choose beautiful images, icons, vectors, and other visually appealing designs that would make someone review or rate your business 5-stars. It’s no doubt that someone would also do a shout out or vlog about your business if you give them unique and carefully thought packaging.

Pay attention to print quality

The print quality gives out the most visual panache. You could design the most beautiful sticker but if they are printed in low quality, your efforts could easily go into smoke.

Make sure to put your trust in a reliable product packaging provider to meet your needs, especially on stickers and labels.

Cr8tive Boxes + Labels is one of the most-trusted packaging services providers in the Philippines that uses state-of-the-art printing machines that can square up to your packaging demands.

We offer a variety of packaging solutions from accessory boxesrejuvenating boxeslip tint boxesfood boxesperfume boxespharmaceutical boxessoap boxescorrugated boxpaper bagshangtags to sticker and label. Know more about us or request a quote now!

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