For faster response to your inquiries, kindly message us on Viber at 0919 069 8369 or 0919 069 8370. (Mon-Fri only)


For faster response, kindly message us on Viber at 0919 069 8369 or 0919 069 8370. (Mon-Fri only)



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About Cr8tive Boxes and Labels Corporation

Origin Story

Luminaire Printing and Publishing Corporation, a Philippine-based printing company founded in 1978, found great success its line of business; its primary specialization being the production of paper-based articles such as books, brochures, calendars, folders and envelopes. Their interest to explore the vast realm of paper-based packaging led to the creation of Cr8tive Boxes and Labels Corporation in 2018.

Our Services

Cr8tive Boxes and Labels Corporation produces various kinds of packaging to their patrons of varying industries. These packaging products are folding cartons, hangtags, non-adhesive labels, paper bags, sleeves and stickers. 

To date, they offer two main types of printing services, which are categorized according to the volume of order and the client’s budget. They are as follows:

  1. Offset Printing – Also known as lithography, this type of printing consists of transferring images into metal plates; then to rubbers blankets, before the images can finally be printed on paper. Given that offset printing has advanced greatly since its discovery in the 1800s, offset printing has the consistent streak of providing the sharpest image quality while remaining economically priced, making it ideal for bulk orders.
  2. Digital Printing – This type of printing is the direct printing of the digital layout of the packaging to paper, thereby eliminating the long and tedious process that is necessary in offset printing. The main advantage of digital printing is its short turnaround time, which enables any printing company to deliver the client’s packaging requirements quicker. This is what Cr8tive uses if the volume of order is small.

Company Mission

To provide innovative and”cr8tive” packaging to entrepreneurs, start-ups and large corporations in the Philippines

Company Vision

To continuously refine our skills and processes in order to create memorable packaging products that will go beyond our client’s expectations 

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