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Choosing the Right Folding Carton Boxes for your Business

Packaging is vital when producing a marketing product. There are a lot of ways to package a product and one of the most convenient and widely used is a folding carton. Folding cartons is one of few packaging that provides maximum customization that fits every product you could think of. 

To make proper selection on what type of carton to use, considers the following questions: 

What are your goals in packaging? 

From beauty products to consumer electronics, food to beverages and anything in-between, there available solutions tailored to your specific needs. The key in choosing the right packaging should accommodate your specific situation. For you to pair your product with the best packaging, know these following elements: 


What is the role of packaging in your manufacturing and fulfillment processes? Whether your products are made by hand or through machines, your packaging concept will differ depending on the folding carton manufacturer that you use. 


What is your ideal shipping process and how many items do you need to include in a single shipment to meet the requests of your distributors/retailers? These questions will answer and create a major impact on the type of packaging you choose. 


How do you visualize your packaging on the shelf? This is probably regarded as the most essential factor to consider as it will define your packaging solution. 


Another important factor as it will determine how much you are willing to spend for the perfect packaging. All other contemplations must produce a packaging choice that securely falls within your production budget. 

How should a product appear on shelves? 

As stated above, shelving requires careful consideration. Keep in mind to know how your product appears on an ideal shelf display. Is it positioned facing the messaging, brand and carton aesthetics? Or is it maximizing the quantity per square inch the highest priority? Does it provide an opening for consumers to “try me” the product? Is your product packaged to accentuate its visibility? Will they want to try your product, hold it, or see it through the box? Always place yourself in the position of your customers the moment they see your product packaged. 

How do your high-end decorative cartons perform on the shelf? 

A major factor is how highly decorated cartons with luxurious finishing effects will “stand up” once they are on the shelf. Do the cartons can withstand the ever changing environment? Will the cartons’ embossing and/or specialty inks/coatings maintain the constant consumer handling before the purchase? It is essential to know that products are often handed by consumers over a period of time and must sustain its freshness throughout their shelf life. Especially for high-end decorative cartons with premium products, one must consider redefining the packaging. 

How fragile is your product? 

From manufacturing to shipping to distribution process, fragility is highly observed to avoid the potentials of breaking and penetrating the packaged product. Always make sure that your product is secured inside the carton with corrugated or VAC form inserts, shrink-wrapped or banded. These factors may ground some security or specify a lack of crucial protection. Again, think just like your consumers, is it okay to toss your product into a cart beneath a dozen others? 

Once you comfortably and securely answered these questions, then you can now begin the process of producing folding cartons for your products. But in order to be feasible in this process, you should have a manufacturer to provide you with this type of packaging. Look no further as Cr8tive Boxes and Labels offers different types of packaging for different products and can outfit these solutions to make your vision a reality. To learn more, send us your quote now! 

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