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Choosing the right material for your Custom Stickers / Labels

Custom Stickers

Selecting the perfect material when you’re creating stickers is as important as any of the design choices you have to make, including the size, shape, and color scheme. A lot of people don’t understand the differences in materials for stickers making it difficult to choose the right one.

To make the process easier, we’ve created a list of guidelines of choosing the right material for your custom stickers/labels.

What materials do you use to make stickers/labels?

1. Premium Paper

The cheapest option when it comes to cheap label printing is paper stickers. It can fulfill a whole range of needs whilst still having eco-friendly, high-quality, and protean stickers. Premium paper labels are often found on bottles, jars, and other food items. Paper stickers are available in an uncoated or gloss finish and a permanent or removable adhesive.

2. White Waterproof Vinyl

The vinyl stickers are the most popular stickers due to their durable nature. It is used for multiple applications and purposes. White waterproof types of vinyl are popular in personal care products, such as shampoo, lotions, and cosmetic products. It is also available in a matte or gloss finish with a permanent or removable adhesive.

3. Clear Waterproof Vinyl

It is a perfect choice if you need a weatherproof option. Clear waterproof vinyl has long-lasting durability that can withstand wet weather conditions and can be used indoors or outdoors. It is also known as transparent stickers if your logo requires a clear background. They are often used in windows or glassware products.

What finishes should you use for your stickers/labels?

There are different types of materials and there are also different finishes that are available for your stickers/labels. This will depend on the type of material you chose.

Different finishes are:

·         Gloss

·         Matte

·         Brushed

·         Metallic

·         Mirror

·         Uncoated

The most used finishes for stickers are gloss, satin and matte as they are available on the majority of the stocked materials.

1. Glossy

Glossy labels are also known as shiny labels, creating an attractive and vibrant finish that offers a subtle decorative touch to your designs. This finish achieves a higher contrast with your color scheme making it visible and outstanding.

2. Matte

Matte labels are a non-shiny alternative to glossy labels, it offers a satin-like finish that is perfect for a subtler and muted look for the design of your logo. This finish is most used on stickers that have writing or a lot of detail as it provides low glare. It creates a plush finish for a product and a clear and easily readable medium for detailed information.

When it comes to sticker materials, there is really a wide variety of choices but it all comes down to your preferences. We at, Cr8tive Boxes and Labels use cost-effective stickers. We print in materials such as Premium Paper white, Premium Paper clear, Satin, and High Gloss, which you can apply to most surfaces.

Need more help in Choosing the right material for your Custom Stickers/Labels for your brand? Contact us and we can help you create the perfect and ideal custom stickers

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