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Different Types of Packaging to Try

types of packaging

Giving the customer the best experience possible with the product is always the goal for every business. While the overall quality itself plays a huge role in the overall product experience, making sure the different types of packaging you use are just as important.

This is why finding the right packaging is always a challenge for businesses, especially in ensuring it is also the most cost-effective. The need for different packaging types depends on the product. Worry not for we have rounded up some of the different types of packaging your business can use for your products.


Poly Bags (Plastic)

plastic bags packaging

This is one of the most cost-effective options due to its material. Made up of plastic film, this is often used in food, chemical, flower, and magazine packaging. Because of its simple nature, it is also very easy to produce and can be fully customized to provide extra protection by having locking features.


Bottle and Cap

bottle and cap

Most often used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, liquids, and other smaller products, these can be quite pricey especially because the bottle would need extra packaging and design for it to be ready for retail. On the bright side, this packaging can be bought at bulk and due to its material and size, it can be reused and can lessen shelf space in stores. These can be fully customizable as well, depending on your manufacturer.


Corrugated Box

corrugated box packaging

One of the most common materials for packaging, this is usually the packaging used in shipping, storage, and even shoe boxes. Due to the rise of e-commerce, it has become a popular packaging for the products to be shipped. Its design is the main reason why shipping uses it due to its corrugated material that can keep the items safe from damage and at the same time retain its form as a packaging. This can be a cost-effective option for you if you plan to use this as both the retail and shipping box.


Paper Bag

paper bag packaging

This is as easy as It gets as paper bags are very versatile and can be used with a variety of products. Businesses have sworn by paper bags not just because it is convenient and cost-effective. With many establishments swearing against the use of plastic for eco-friendly reasons, paper bags become the next best option also as a way for businesses to brand themselves as being eco-friendly. Here at Cr8tive Boxes and Label we also offer fully customized paper bags  in shape and style.


Paperboard Box

paperboard box

This is the most customizable option out there should you want to change the material, size, shape, and even its unique print and at the same time keep it cost-effective. This packaging material is very flexible but also very durable and comes in different grades depending on the packaging requirement needed. Explore our offers as we are also a trusted folding carton supplier. You may opt for the paperboard to be made of an environmentally friendly material which is an added bonus.

Luckily, you don’t have to look far to find the right packaging. Here at Cr8tive Boxes+Labels, we bring your paper bags, boxes, labels, and more for your business needs. Get your packaging customized and just the way you want it. Learn more about our services through our website. Request a quote now!


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