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How to Create Valuable Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Packaging design plays a role in how customers would see your company and, in extension, your brand. For one, investing in great packaging would lead to customer attraction. Enticing packaging design can lead to increased sales. 

To create a valuable product packaging design you should consider a good choice of material and form as well as graphics, colors and fonts that are used on wrapping, a box, a can, a bottle or any kind of container.

Like any other well thought out design, packaging should tell a story. A valuable packaging design will help your target market to understand what is your product. It also builds the product’s credibility, how the product should be used, who should use it and most of all, if they will buy the product or not..

As well as creating appeal to a particular target audience, a valuable pack design should:

1. Be visible.

Enable your target consumer to see your brand on shelf. Choose the right color, the right size of font, right font size for your product. To be visible is very important because it will catch the attention of the consumers. Your product should look legit because it will prove your brand’s value and credibility.

Product visibility is important because without shelf impact you won’t ever be seen, your consumer coming back to repurchase won’t be able to find you quickly enough; and a potential consumer shopping the category for their usual brand won’t notice you so won’t try you.

2. Tell the product story.

Make your product relevant to your audience. Always prioritize how you think about the customer, not the product. It’s often our first instinct to think first and foremost about the product when telling its story, but an effective description is really catered to the customer.

How to tell products in graphics? Simple, just be really clear to state what your product is if it is not immediately visually evident from the graphics or the structure. If your product is new or unusual in the category, it is particularly important to flag exactly what it is to the consumer.

3. Engage

Resonate and appeal to your consumer. Offer your customers real value. If it is possible, your packaging design must always interact with your customers by means of putting directions, the do’s and don’ts of your product, your location, and contact information. Aside from which, also use meaningful graphics to engage emotionally and use powerful pop of colour, communicate strength or efficacy or a bold attitude.

Also, this is where you will win the heart of your consumer; your consumer engages with your brand because it represents values that resonate with them. The design styling fits with their own design aesthetic. They like the look of you. 

4. Be unique.

Enable the consumer to quickly recognize your brand when shopping next time. Valuable package design gives your customers the first and last impression. It is important for your product to be remembered physically for it would be easy for the customers to recognize and easily find your product and any store. 

A unique pack design gives your brand the best chance of being re-purchased by popping out on shelf and being different.

Always give importance to the value of packaging design. It will help you win the competition because it gives your product the credibility that the consumers want.

Cr8tive Boxes and Labels can help your brand have that timeless custom box design. We can help you with the right packaging design through the use of our different kinds of packaging boxes, stickers, labels, hangtags,  and paper bags.

Let us make a significant impact on your brand. To know more about us check us out at cr8tivelabels.com and Request a quote now!

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