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Why Is Product Packaging Important?

product packaging

Unboxing a product should not be an uphill battle for consumers.

To anyone who’s had experience buying from Apple can attest to how beautiful it is to unbox their products. Most of these Apple unboxing videos have made it to many social media platforms and some earned millions of views and got the same positive feedback as others. Not only it is thrilling to do but there are so much curiosity and eagerness in the packaging that makes us so excited to see the product inside.

Product packaging is literally the identity of the brand. For someone who’s not familiar with a particular product, he judges it based on the packaging. Therefore, the packaging is crucial to get first-time buyers to consider your brand.

Another classic example is that of Coca Cola. Only seeing the distinctive red shade and their recognizable logo will make someone easily say, “That’s Coke”. It’s what we call a brand recall. Their packaging is one reason why they successfully made it globally.

Here are other touchpoints you should take note of in creating a distinct face for your brand.


sturdy packaging

It is important that your product packaging should protect the product inside. It should be kept safe between shipments. Aside from being of high quality, it should also evoke value. The product should also meet the customer’s expectations as intended. Good and sturdy packaging is the best solution to meet that expectation.


good packaging

The packaging is the easiest route to connect consumers to your brand. It must show instructions on how to use the product and other essential information about it.  Your goal is to let your consumers think highly of your brand.


unique packaging

Product packaging distinguishes you among others. It helps customers identify your product among hundreds of brands across the shelf. In one of our blogs, we discussed some essentials of effective packaging. Your brand packaging should stand out and look visually pleasing. Another goal is you must get the first stare.

Never let marketing opportunities slip through your hands. Make use of what you have and take advantage of it.  Your product is only half the job so make sure to work on the other half which is your packaging.

If you are finding it hard to begin, here at Cr8tive Boxes + Labels we will help your business grow and create a packaging that is worth your every penny.

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