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Timeless Custom Box Design Trends

Custom Boxes

There are always new trends in every market, regardless of the product or service that is being offered. Every year, there are trends set, allowing each brand to adapt. Developing and emerging to trends each year can be beneficial in a lot of ways.

Some trends are timeless while others are just in the flow of seasons and moves with the change of cultural phenomenon. Trends can be complex, but there are important elements of trends to follow.

In this blog, we will explain some visual design and outline some of the timeless custom box design trends to make sure your brand and product get the attention.

There are cardboard box packaging that are visually stunning, but there are some that are not. Do you wonder why one type of packaging is more appealing than another? Well, because there are some basic design elements that people find visually pleasing.

Generally, the human brain prefers to group objects into patterns that are simple, orderly and regular.

Here are the four timeless design trends to follow,

1. Minimalistic

One of the few design trends that will never get old is minimalism. The less is more approach can keep the message concise. It helps consumers to quickly focus on the important details. Fewer graphics and design elements will always make the key selling points of the product.

2. Vintage

The vintage look is undoubtedly one of the strongest and timeless design trends. A package that becomes a brand touchstone for generations, creating an iconic package like the coke bottle, Crayola crayon box, makes a tremendous change on the brand building and, it can be used in the next few decades.

Once a custom box is designed with vintage feel it can automatically create a sense of history, giving the impression that your company has lasted long enough and is already established.

3. Story Telling

Communicating to your customers through a story that they can connect with on a more personal and human level is important as well. For example, explaining how your company got started to your business’ growth and development.

There are packages that certain things have to be included and combining those elements in such a way that elevates it into something special.

Beyond everything else, these packages will always tap into timeless values. Iconic packaging touches something deeper for the target market and staying up to date on these timeless design trends can be the key to your brand’s success.

Desires, needs, and values don’t change as much as people think over the years. Tap into those in a deeply meaningful way and you might be able to create a package design that is timeless no matter what generation is to come.

Cr8tive Boxes and Labels can help your brand have that timeless custom box design. We can help you with the right packaging design through the use of our different kinds of packaging boxes, stickers, labels, hangtags,  and paper bags.

Let us make a significant impact on your brand. To know more about us check us out at cr8tivelabels.com and Request a quote now!

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