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Top 10 Holiday Gimmicks from Big Brands

holiday coffee cups

Do you feel the cold weather outside and the gloomy mood this past few weeks? We know the feeling because the holiday season has arrived! It’s a time-to-shop-till-you-drop kind of rush this holiday season as the biggest sales are everywhere because after all, you deserve a special treat. As this season starts, businesses try to take advantage of the increased demand and promotional efforts go through the roof. To spread some holiday vibes, we collected memorable examples of successful holiday gimmicks to help boost your presence and sales.

In an article published by Surveycrest, we are reliving 10 of the most genius holiday marketing strategies there have been.

1. Red Cups from Starbucks

starbucks holiday red cups
Photo from www.petergasca.com

The red cup has become the icon every holiday season because of clever marketing from Starbucks. As the color red signifies the Christmas season, so is the red cup that indicates the arrival of Starbucks holiday drinks.

To spice things up, Starbucks debuted a limited edition green cup. This debut has gone together with the red cups to truly feel the Christmas season.

2. Customized Oreo Packaging

personalized oreo packaging
Photo from www.forbes.com

Everybody loves an Oreo from young ones to young at heart, plus pairing it up with a glass of warm milk will make your cravings satisfied. Unsurprisingly, their marketing went as well as their cookies. Their “Oreo Colorfilled” campaign led to Oreo-passionate people to color and design the packaging to create a unique gift for their family and friends.

3. 12 Days Of Krispy Kreme Donuts

12 Krispy Kreme Donuts
Photo from www.surveycrest.com

The famous green-dotted box created a twist this holiday season. Turns out the white background became the patterned dots while the green dots became the background suited for their “12 Days Of Donuts” campaign. Not only that, it comes with gift coupons and a promotional video. Lastly, you get to choose their Christmas-inspired donuts for your sweet tooth!

4. Kate Spade’s The Waiting Game

kate spades waiting game movie
Photo from www.surveycrest.com

Aside from food, fashion is next to being important this holiday season – both gift and Christmas outfit. Case in point, Kate Spade presented their holiday marketing game by releasing a shop-inspired Christmas video called ‘The Waiting Game’. The video show, starring Anna Kendrick, showing off Kate Spade products, reminiscent of the famous shopping haul videos that vloggers love to make.

To make it more fun, the viewers get to shop by clicking on the items displayed in the video – setting the goal to let customers pamper their holiday shopping needs in the most convenient and fun yet creative way.

5. 12 Days Of HBO Now

HBO holiday shows poster
Photo from elninopezmovie.com

This cold weather would really make us binge-watch on beds all day long. Fret not, HBO will save the day by promoting its online streaming service and television content in an exclusive media sharing platform. The campaign endorsed HBO NOW subscribers to gift 12 episodes to a non-subscriber. You can now share your favorite HBO shows with your loved ones through a gift!

6. Food 52 “Cookies Of The World”

cookies of the world map
Photo from www.food52.com

One of the unique ways to celebrate your product is to celebrate it with the rest of the world! Food 52 presented their yummy cookies with their Cookies of the World campaign. A feature of mouthwatering cookie recipes from 32 different countries, this marketing campaign gathered plenty of curious-interest to allow the customers to taste the cookies from the featured list of countries.

7. Gift Guide By Pottery Barn

Photo from www.potterybarn.com

With lots of options to shop right now for the holiday season, Pottery Barn created an entire special section on their website that will give you the opportunity to choose the perfect gift. Having the most organized section where you can choose from self-care products to last-minute products, you’ll be drawn to lots of unique products for a house. But that’s not all, the special section will give you comfort to find the perfect gift for your special someone!

8. Target’s “My Kind Of Holiday” Campaign

target poster
Photo from www.blogspot.com

Retail giant Target offered its customers to organize and personalize their shopping experience through its “My Kind of Holiday” campaign. From combined unique value offers, customers get to create their shopping list in their own special way. The in-store campaign was a success in that it went to social media to spread the word with its own hashtag, #MyKindOfHoliday.

9. Holiday Gift Guide By Etsy

etsy guide guide
Photo from www.surveycrest.com

Etsy is an online eCommerce website that connects buyers and sellers of its unique handmade goods. As the website suggests, it garnered lots of online traffic every holiday season. To ease the hassle of finding the perfect gift, Etsy, presented a holiday gift guide as one of their holiday gimmicks. The gift guide will help you choose from Editor’s pick to best-selling items, everything that a crafty needs all in one website.

10. HolidayBuds By Budweiser

HolidayBuds By Budweiser
Photo from www.surveycrest.com

Long time beer brand Budweiser truly embraced its limited edition vintage packaging – making it an Instagram trend and attracting millennials in an instant. The campaign started off with the hashtag #HolidayBuds and went skyrocketed as one of the top social media trends lists. It also boosts users to tag friends who would like to be their Budweiser buds. The campaign became well-known in both offline and online presence.

With lots of inspiration from these brands’ unique ways of presenting their products, you, too, can have your own unique campaign with the right packaging and design. A better way to start designing your own holiday gimmicks is with Cr8tive Boxes + Labels. With our wide range of packaging that suits your brand perfectly.

We also offer a variety of packaging solutions from accessory boxesrejuvenating boxeslip tint boxesfood boxesperfume boxespharmaceutical boxessoap boxescorrugated boxpaper bagshangtags to sticker labelsTo learn more, send us your quote now!

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