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Top Holiday Stickers & Labels Tips

holiday stickers & labels

Pulling off a holiday marketing strategy does not always have to expensive. If you only look beyond your expensive marketing gimmicks, you can see that there are actually tons of ways to effectively show off your brand without spending a fortune. Like stickers and labels, they don’t cost much but they can take you everywhere.

Here, we have wrapped-up some essential tips to level up your stickers and labels’ strategies over the holidays.

Customize your Holiday Stickers & Labels

starbucks coffee christmas cup

Many consumers get easily attached to things that they can relate themselves with. Essentially, we buy products that define us and what we want others to see us. And during the holidays, typically, consumers buy products that make themselves better and things that help them set the right mind to welcome a new year. That being said, it’s crucial that you customize your brand according to what would please your current customers and attract new ones.

We’ve seen a lot of brands that have seized the opportunity and we know their success. It is really about how you label your brand with the holiday cheers.

Opt to customize your product and packaging to different holiday colors and themes, or create limited or exclusive items and freebies.

Consider your customer’s perspective and feelings

iphone paper bag

Try to put yourself in your consumer’s shoes. If you stare at your product, what would you feel? Then assess that feeling. Are you going to feel satisfied, excited, thrilled, or positive? Or maybe nothing at all.

As soon as you finished assessing what could happen, try to recalibrate your product or packaging according to your assessments. Do not just settle with petty compliments or so-so reactions. Make sure to hit their giddy spots!

If you plan to customize your stickers and labels, make them colorful but try to highlight the holiday hues. Use fewer texts or better if none at all.

Use Creative colors and designs that are incorporated with

starbucks red christmas cup

The best labels and stickers are the ones that create the fun way. Make sure your brand is remembered and that you always take the first look.

Having a brand guideline on what color palette to use consistently is a must. Don’t underestimate that small square or rounded label on your product because that is the first thing that your consumer sees. No matter how small the product is and with the limited space for information, your label should speak for itself. To put simply, decorate and illustrate right.

Decide on what your stickers and labels want to convey

brown coffee cup

Always think about how you want your product to be seen and defined. Look for positive points of your products and determine the critical design needed to be added to your stickers & labels aside from the festive designs, know your main focus.

Think about the information that you want to share, the product name, its origin, and the overall appearance of your product with your chosen sticker and label. Your focus on changing your label for the holidays should always be authentic.

Choose the right sticker and label material and quality

green christmas cup

Last but not the least, the key to effective stickers and labels gimmick this holiday is quality. It should be cost-effective and available to print in materials and be applied to most surfaces. Customizing the shape, cut, type of sticker would be a great way to add personality, making your brand stand out from your competitors!

You should choose something distinct that will enhance the overall look of your product and items. Cr8tive boxes + labels uses state-of-the-art printing machines that will help you achieve the best quality stickers and labels there are. 

Aside from Stickers and labels, we also offer a variety of packaging solutions like accessory boxesrejuvenating boxeslip tint boxesfood boxesperfume boxespharmaceutical boxessoap boxescorrugated boxpaper bags, and hangtags.

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