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What are Hangtags and Why You Need One?

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Have you ever seen a product looking so nice online but underwhelming personally? That is not a rare occasion. Placing emphasis and doubling your effort on your packaging could make your brand an exception. One of the easiest ways to add a little extra something to your product to help make it stand out from your competitors is through hangtags.

What are Hangtags?

Hangtags are labels that give more information about the product. These usually include information such as the name of the designer/manufacturer, company logo, care instructions, materials used, or other information that might be value-adding to the customer. They are most often seen in clothing items or accessories but are not limited to these.

Hangtags prove to be a useful marketing strategy if done well. They can convey the essence of your business and encourage a shopper to purchase your item if they are unsure what to buy. These have to be well designed and placed strategically to attract customers.

Get the most out of hangtags

One of the main reasons for getting a hangtag is to attract attention. Make sure they are big enough to look at but not too big either. A small trick is to use folding hangtags. Folded hangtags could contain all the information you want to be seen while not taking up too much space.

Make it handy

Keeping it simple is also a handy rule of thumb. It should attract attention, tell a story, and give information about your brand. This plays a big role in making people recognize your brand most especially if your product is shelved together with other products.

Display promos or discounts

Make numbers visible when you want to display your promotions and discounts. As the customer inspects a product, the hangtag is one of the first things they see, and having special promotions and offerings front and visible to them should be your priority.

Lastly, making sure it is of the best quality is a sure way to impress customers. A good quality print can make or break the hangtag experience. Here at Cr8tive Boxes + Labels, we ensure our prints are of the highest quality and recognize the importance of good packaging in a brand’s success. Drop us a message and see how we can help you with your hangtag and printing needs. 

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