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What’s The Right Product Box For You?

lipstick boxes

The product box is a notable deciding factor in a consumer purchase. They basically spell for how well will your product thrive on a competitive shelf. And with so many packaging options in the market today, it can easily get confusing or even overwhelming to decide what’s the right packaging for you. Luckily, Cr8tive Boxes + Labels is here to guide you through the best packaging box solutions that would fit your brand.

Accessory Boxes 

accessory box

Filipinos are real fanatics of jewelry and accessories. The demands for accessories don’t age especially now that the busiest four months for the year are here. This goes to say that the competition for accessories will be tough too. That being said, you have to make sure that you glitter the prettiest of them all — inside and out.

Our accessory boxes will make that possible for you. We can make your product sit comfortably inside and give you enough space to put all the necessary information you need. On top of that, these are eco-friendly, cost-efficient, versatile, customizable, and usually printed in bulk stacks for ready-use.

Soap and Rejuvenating set boxes

soap boxes

Soapbox is a popular choice in many skin care, personal care, and other beauty brands. This is often customized to further protect the product inside and make sure it’s clean and free from dirt or damage.

A Rejuvenating set box, on the other hand, is somehow similar to folding carton boxes and plays the same function as the soapboxes. But what makes it more appealing to many beauty brands is its window-laminated display. 

Liptint boxes

lip tint box

A Liptint box goes by the name itself. It literally houses liptints or lip glosses in 5-10 mL tubes and can either be customized for print or 3D lamination. This is the most ideal packaging box if you want your products to look differently from other liptint brands.

Food boxes

food box

Your goal is to make someone slobber over the food you’re selling. Your food packaging should already entice a consumer to buy it even without seeing the real thing inside yet.

This is perfect for food items that come in plastic or foil pouches to keep the food fresh inside. If you’re looking into customizing it according to your brand’s design, we will be more than glad to help you out.

Perfume boxes

perfume box

Perfume boxes are known for many attractive elements and special effects. We often see them embossed in gold or silver foil, and some just wrap them up with plastics.

Our perfume boxes will surely level up your customer experience without choking your pockets. You also have the freedom to customize it the way you want it. We supply lightweight 100 – 200 mL fragrance bottles.

Pharmaceutical boxes

medicine boxes

Pharmaceutical items are prone to shock and tampering. Housing important content as such should be your utmost priority. There a lot of pharmaceutical boxes out in the market now but there’s only a few you can really trust.

That’s something you don’t need to stress yourself out because we offer them too. Our pharmaceutical boxes are created with a special UV coating. We also give brands a space to display all the important medicinal information they need. These are highly customizable so you won’t blend in with the usual flat and plain printed ones. 

Paper Bags

paper bag

Paper bags can serve two functions, one being the packaging of the item itself such as when you buy from a clothing store or be a secondary packaging item your customer carries around.

They make good packaging or big and assorted items. They do not just carry your product around but also display more of your brand’s personality through the design and its customizability.

Use paper bags instead of plastic if that is in line with the brand image you want your customers to see.

Corrugated box 

corrugated box

The most sturdy out of all the packaging solutions available are the corrugated boxes. They are usually made for storing bigger and heavier items such as footwear, beverages, sporting goods, hardware items, and the like. It is reinforced with flutes that have a thickness and area that can help determine how strong the box will hold up. 


It is never too late to invest in a good quality product box for your products.

Cr8tive Boxes + Labels offer a variety of product box solutions such as accessory boxes, rejuvenating boxes, lip tint boxes, food boxes, perfume boxes, pharmaceutical boxes, soap boxes, corrugated box, paper bags, hangtags, and sticker labels.

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