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5 Sugary Sweet Packaging Designs for Valentines

carton box with chocolates

Happy Valentine’s Day! Let this love month be filled with sweet memories. But the question is: do you already have in mind what to give to your loved ones? In this blog, we will introduce 5 of the sweetest packaging designs for Valentines that you can take inspiration from.

This year, gifts given by your loved ones are as important as how well you prepared for it. Sliding into our promotions, we have some great Valentine gift wrapping ideas to give you lots of ideas!

Valentine Gift Wraps

This Valentine’s Day is all about being sweet! At Cr8tive Boxes + Labels, we have varieties of wrapping paper that not only goes with classic hearts but also you can opt for red chevron stripes or polka dots for a cuter look. Tie them around with a ribbon and your Valentine’s will be memorable.

Simple Kraft with Burlap Ribbon

As we mentioned in our last blog, Kraft packaging is your canvas to design whatever you like. This time, we will fill it with Valentine’s colors. One way of doing it is by dressing up your simple kraft box with burlap ribbon for a homespun look. This simple box is easy to fold and conveniently stores flat. You can also add some shreds and your product will be nicely supported and lovely.

Valentine Heart Candy Boxes

Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” better than our Heart Candy Boxes. Fill them with candies and chocolates and even your lovely messages and you’re off to go. You can choose your own choice of ribbon in the die-cut ribbon slots and top with our heart-shaped candy pads for that exciting package.

Stamped Favor Bags

This one is unique yet one of a kind packaging. These Linen Favor Bags can be stamped with your choice of Valentine stamp and ink. For more delicate bringing, tie them around with ribbon and your sweets are secured for your loved ones.

Valentine-Themed Basket Boxes & Gourmet Boxes

These cute boxes are very popular with your cookie, popcorn, and other food products. Especially for those last-minute shoppers, this one is good to go.

This Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t have to be grand to gift your loved ones. As cliché as it sounds, it’s the thought that counts. For more design inspirations you may wanna check this list out from Pinterest.

But where to find those lovely packaging? Cr8tive Boxes + Labels is your top supplier of all things packaging designs for Valentines. From any type to any size to any design you want, we provide all things fresh and unique, suitable for your needs. To know more, send us your quote now!

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