For faster response to your inquiries, kindly message us on Viber at 0919 069 8369 or 0919 069 8370. (Mon-Fri only).


For faster response to your inquiries, kindly message us on Viber at 0919 069 8369 or 0919 069 8370. (Mon-Fri only)



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Fully Customized Folding Carton

At Cr8tive Boxes and Labels, we understand the importance of customization to suit your unique brand identity. That’s why we offer a wide range of options for your packaging requirements. Whether you operate in the health and beauty sector, food industry, or any other field, we have the perfect packaging solutions for you.

Let us help you and your business prosper through our best-selling customized folding carton packaging. With various box designs, laminations, and other features to choose from, we are your go-to folding carton supplier that can make your packaging stand out from the crowd!

Why Use a Folding Carton Packaging for Your Business?

Using folding cartons for your business offers a range of benefits. Its versatility helps enhance your brand visibility while offering durability to protect your products. Learn more about the benefits of using folding carton packaging.

  • Cost-effective – Folding cartons are produced using minimal materials, offering a cost-effective packaging solution for businesses. Plus, these boxes are often lighter than other materials, like wood or plastic, allowing you to further save on transportation costs.
  • Space-efficient – Folding cartons are often stored flat, making them easy to stack and keep. This design allows more units to be stored and maximizes shelf utilization. In addition, its space efficiency also allows more units to be loaded in one cargo, allowing businesses to reduce shipping fees.
  • Rigidity/Durability – Folding carton packaging combines strength with lightweight materials, offering sturdy protection for products while maintaining structural integrity. This also helps in ensuring durability throughout handling, transportation, and display.
  • Fast Production Time – Folding carton packaging offers quick assembly and standardized design, facilitating faster production and efficient manufacturing processes. This enables businesses to meet market demands promptly while ensuring quality and consistency. At Cr8tive Boxes and Labels, we guarantee a 14-day turnaround after sample approval.


Your Customized Folding Carton Supplier for a Variety of Industries

Our range of folding cartons offers versatility and durability, making it suitable for the diverse needs of various industries.

  • Hygiene Products – Customized folding cartons secure hygiene essentials like soap, skincare sets, and rejuvenation products, offering tailored packaging that ensures product protection, appeal, and convenience for consumers’ daily use.
  • Beauty Products – When it comes to beauty products, such as lipsticks, lip gloss, and perfumes, packaging isn’t just about protection—it’s a reflection of brand identity and allure. Our custom-designed folding cartons can also enhance the overall product presentation and brand perception.
  • Small-sized Food and Beverage Products – Folding cartons offer versatility, making them ideal packaging for food and beverage products like pastries, chocolates, and coffee sachets. Plus, the option to add windows to your folding cartons makes these delectable treats more enticing for customers.
  • Non-food Items – Whether you’re selling handicrafts, accessories, baby products, toys, or any non-food items, you can package them beautifully with folding cartons. You can also add important information in these boxes, such as brand details or directions for use.

Looking for the perfect packaging for your products? Reach out to us so we can discuss your options.


Customize Your Folding Carton to Fit Your Needs

At Cr8tive Boxes & Labels, we offer our clients a variety of options for materials and finishes, allowing them to design their packaging the way they want it.

Box Type

  • Drawer Box – Resembling a drawer, this box has an outer cover and an inner box which reveals the product inside when drawn out. This slide-open design is perfect for premium items like skincare, chocolates, and jewelry.
  • Mailer Box – Mailer boxes are one of the go-to styles for shipping requirements. This type features a top and bottom part where the top has interlocking flaps or wings that go into the bottom part.
  • Snap-lock Box – This type has a top flap that can be opened, allowing consumers to see the products inside. It also features an interlocking bottom part, ideal for carrying light to medium-weight items.
  • Top and Bottom Box – This box type features a top and bottom part that are separated from each other. The top part acts as the cover, while the bottom part securely holds the items inside.
  • Tuck-end Box – Tuck-end boxes have two sides that can be opened with ease. This box type is ideal for lightweight products like soap, perfume, and medicines.
  • Other Boxes – If you’re planning to have irregularly shaped boxes for your products, our team can also offer options for you. Contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

Paper Type

  • Carrier Board – This paper type has a white front side with some dull shine under lighting. Its back part is brown and has no shine. Carrier boards come in various thicknesses (280-290 gsm, 320-330 gsm, and 350 gsm).
  • Claycoat – Claycoat has a coated front side, resulting in a semi-glossy shine under lighting. The back side is light gray and exhibits a slightly rough texture. It also comes in a variety of thicknesses (280-290 gsm, 320-330 gsm, and 350 gsm).
  • Foldcote – It features a coated front side with a semi-glossy shine under lighting. The back side is white with no shine. Foldcote boxes are available in different thicknesses (220-230 gsm, 280-290 gsm, 320-330 gsm, and 350 gsm).

Printing Type

  • We utilize a 4/0 CMYK printing technique, allowing us to print designs on the exterior of each box. This four-color printing process (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) enables us to print in crisp and vibrant colors. This helps ensure visually appealing packaging that leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

Lamination Type

  • No Lamination – Boxes without lamination maintain the inherent texture and appearance of the paper, whether it be foldcote, claycoat, or carrier board. In the GIF, the box took on the natural coated finish of claycoat paper.
  • Glossy Lamination – This type of lamination results in a shiny, reflective appearance under lighting, increasing the vibrancy of the colors on the packaging.
  • Matte Lamination – Boxes with a matte finish offer a subtle elegance with a smooth, non-reflective finish, evoking a sophisticated look and feel.
  • Matte with 3D Lamination – This combines a matte finish with selective 3D lamination, adding texture and depth to specific elements of the design. In the GIF, the logo on the box has 3D lamination.
  • UV Lamination – The UV lamination offers a high-gloss finish that shines under lighting. Unlike the glossy finish, the UV film cannot be separated from the packaging when torn apart.
  • Spot UV Lamination – If you want to highlight certain parts of your design, we recommend incorporating a spot UV lamination to create contrast from the rest of the packaging. In the GIF, the box has UV lamination with the exception of the small rectangle in the lower left area.
  • Window Lamination – This finish features a die-cut window with glossy lamination, allowing visibility of the contents while maintaining a polished look.

Additional Finish

  • Acetate Window – This adds a die-cut window on the box with an acetate cover, offering a sturdier option than window lamination.
  • Die-cut Window – We can also add die-cut windows on the boxes without cover, allowing your customers to feel the texture of the product inside.
  • Embossing – This adds tactile interest to your packaging by raising selected areas of the box. This finish evokes a sense of luxury in the packaging.
  • Foil Stamp – Using metallic foil sheets, this finish adds high-gloss, metallic shine to your packaging. These foil sheets are available in different colors to suit your branding.
  • Hanger Tab – Boxes with hanger tabs offer a great way to organize and display your products. These hanger tabs are often placed on top of each box with a hole in the upper middle part.
  • Perforation – This adds small dashed lines in the packaging, making it easier for consumers to create a hole. This is perfect for tissue boxes and face mask packaging.
  • Tongue Lock – If you want to add extra security, you can add a tongue lock. This features a tongue-like extension which can be inserted into the top flap.


Why Choose Us?

At Cr8tive Boxes & Labels, we pride ourselves as the leading supplier of packaging solutions in the Philippines. With our fully customizable folding carton boxes, we cater to the varying needs and preferences of our clients across different industries. Staying true to our core, we ensure to deliver high-quality and creative products to our clients.

Trust us for your packaging needs. Let’s discuss how we can help improve your packaging with our range of style options and advanced printing technology.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is your customized packaging?

The cost depends on the size and quantity of the packaging product. Since raw material costs can fluctuate, quotations are only valid for 15 days. After this period, we recommend you request a new quotation from our team.


Is there a minimum order quantity for custom packaging?

Yes, the minimum order quantity is 500 pieces for each packaging variant (e.g., different layouts or sizes).


What payment options do you offer?

Payment options include COD, fund transfer (via BDO) and GCash. For first-time clients, a 50% down payment is required to process the order. The remaining balance shall be settled upon delivery via COD.


What is the lead time for custom packaging orders?

You can expect to receive a quotation within 1-2 working days. For small to medium-sized orders, production takes about 7-14 working days after sample approval. Larger orders are handled on a case-by-case basis.


What delivery options are available?

We provide delivery services within Metro Manila to the client’s specified address. Alternatively, clients can also opt for other delivery options via Lalamove, JRS, or LBC Express, with shipping costs covered by the client.

Clients outside Metro Manila can also book delivery services through these couriers. Clients can also choose to pick up their orders from our office from Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, excluding holidays.

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