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Benefits of Folding Carton Boxes

carton boxes

One of the most common kinds of consumer packaging you can find on the market are folding carton boxes. They are cost efficient and highly customizable. These can also be used in retail and are especially useful in displaying the products to generate more sales from customers.

Because of how popular this packaging is, it is important to be aware of the benefits of this kind of packaging.


While the paperboard used for this type of packaging may come in different weights, the structure is sound enough to make the contents secure. There is a variant that comes in the form of corrugated board which can be more rigid and provides more support to protect a heavier product or item. If you are in need of packaging such as shipping containers then these are your best bet as they can be branded as well.


Whatever industry you may belong to, these packages can be useful for your different products. If you are seeking tailored packaging solutions then folding cartons can fulfill that desire as they can be customized to many different styles. On top of this, many features can be customized with this packaging such as either having laminated or paperboard cartons.


Cartons allow for an easy and customizable packaging solution designed to their specifications and to be the way they want it to be. Whether big or small your products may be, carton boxes can be your go-to packaging solution to keep things in place. Cr8tive Boxes and Label is a trusted folding carton supplier here in the Philippines, get in touch with us today!

Ideal for Graphics

Carton boxes are ideal for those who want plenty of design in their packaging. There is a wide variety of branding options available for you given that many colors can be printed onto the boxes which are not shared by other styles of packaging. It also offers the option to choose between a matte or glossy finish to protect the text and graphics from any damage.


If you are thinking of a packaging solution without breaking the bank, then cartons can be a cheaper alternative for both manufacturers and brands. It is one of the longest-running packaging tools that businesses can have so if the return on investment is your concern, you would be making the most out of that with carton boxes.


With many businesses starting the adoption of more environment-friendly solutions, packaging should not be an exception. Most of the material carton boxes are derived from are often recycled materials. The packaging manufacturer’s leftover scraps of cardboard can also be recycled and be remade again into carton boxes. This practice can lead to lesser waste and minimizing the negative environmental impact.

There are many sources and options in the market for your packaging needs. It is always important to consider whether the packaging you choose can meet your business needs. While it is important to consider your budget, it is also important to pay attention to details such as the manufacturing, shelving or display, and the shipping as these play key factors in determining the packaging that is suitable for your business.

Whatever packaging you decide on, think of the importance of good and quality packaging for your product — how this impacts your brand awareness and interactions with your customers. Never miss out on quality when it comes to your packaging and always have your best foot forward for Cr8tive Boxes + Labels. With our years of expertise on the packaging, you can trust us to propel your brand’s packaging forward and help with your business goals, learn how we can help you!


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