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How to Effectively Elevate your Brand with Hang Tags


Do more beyond your product packaging with hang tags. This is an innovative way to showcase more about the product and your brand. Read through this blog to learn more about what you need to know about hang tags. 

Hang tags 101

Much like its name, they are small tags that hang from an item. This can contain info printed on one or both of its sides. These are most common in clothing, where you see the tags dangle and give you information about the item and its price. 

These can come in many different shapes and sizes with the most common being either a square or a rectangle. As mentioned, these are common in clothing but there are also many other uses for hang tags such as for jewelry, sunglasses, luggage’s, and bottles. 

Who can benefit from them?

If you are selling apparel then hang tags are almost a must-have. These double as calling cards of retailers having information that lead back to the business alongside having information such as price and clothing specifications. 

However, other products can make use of hang tags. Those with brick and mortar stores can benefit from this a lot as this can double as something that will capture the attention of the buyers when they see the product. Experimenting with its use and design can be a great way to capture this attention even further and help you stand out from the competition. 

Designing hang tags

You first need to identify the purpose of having a hang tag as its information and design would greatly depend on that. You can opt to just stick to the basics and have it display codes or price or you can go more creative with it. The things you can put in the hang tag can range anywhere from: 

  • Logo
  • Branding 
  • Tagline 
  • Contact information
  • Product information
  • Social media channels 
  • Product directions and care tips
  • Price 
  • Bar code 

Hang tags also come in different finishes from laminated to matte. These would depend on what your branding is as these would be a good complement to them. They can also come in a natural looking way as a sustainable option if you want to brand yourselves as eco-friendly. They can also be cut into different shapes and sizes and can be affixed with an elastic cord to keep it neatly tied to the product. 

Discover more about hang tags and how you can use them to complement your product packaging. Visit our website at Cr8tive Boxes + Labels and see how we can elevate your product packaging with the right hang tags. 

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