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10 Biggest Packaging Design Trends for 2021

artsy packaging design

Consumer‘s product preferences have greatly evolved especially after 2020. So as a businessman, it’s important that you step up your brand’s packaging design and upping the ante to deliver a piece of branding right to your consumer’s doorsteps this 2021.

The goal isn’t to replace the physical store experience, but to meet consumers where they are now and where they’ll be in the future. It’s all about creating a new, more immersive brand experience through unique packaging design trends.

Tiny Illustrated Patterns

Patterns and illustrations can look good on your business packaging. They can reveal what a product is all about. In 2021, anticipate to see many patterns with tiny illustrations on the packaging, and expect it to be doing one specific job: which gives a hint on what’s inside. This gives an artistic rendering of what’s inside more than the product itself.

Vintage Packaging

This 2021, expect to see packaging vintage-inspired with an old-school look. These packaging designs look almost indistinguishable from something your great-grandmother would have used. This new experience will transport your consumers to a different moment in time.

Packaging dressed in fine art

To make your product stand out this 2021, make your packaging a piece of art. Draw inspiration from painting and paint textures by integrating them into your product packaging.

The goal here is to blur the line between packaging design and fine art. And demonstrating that anything, will eventually end up in recycling looks visually pleasing.

Hyper-simplistic geometry

Another packaging trend that is simple but classy that you might want to consider for your business is bold geometric concepts. Much like the pattern trend, this trend gives consumers a sneak peek at what a product stands for. ​It may seem simple at first, but it’s an incredibly impactful way for brands to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

Technical and anatomical ink drawings

2021’s packaging trends feel way more “art gallery” than “commercial graphic design.” Alongside bold geometry and tactile textures, you’re also going to see a lot of your favorite and soon-to-be favorite products packed up in designs that feel like they were pulled right out of an anatomical illustration or blueprint.

Product names front and center

Instead of making an illustration or logo the packaging’s focal point, opt for making the product’s name the star of packaging design.

With this kind of packaging, there’s no doubt about what the product’s called or what kind of product it is, making this the perfect packaging trend for product-focused businesses that aim to increase brand awareness.

Organically shaped color blocking

Color blocking packaging never gets old but this 2021 it is much better. The difference between 2021’s organic color blocking from previous color blocking trends are the textures, unique color combinations, and how much the blocks vary in shape and weight.

These aren’t clear, straight-edged boxes of color that make perfect grids and clean lines; they’re uneven, unbalanced, freckled, and dappled collage that feel inspired by an eclectic flower garden. They feel real, they feel organic.

Visually Pleasing Symmetry

Some packaging designs are organically imperfect, others are swinging far in the opposite direction and creating pieces with perfect symmetry. These designs appeal to our sense of order. This trend creates the visually satisfying sense of perfection that’s characteristic of this trend.

Story-driven packaging

Storytelling is a component of effective branding this 2021, try to extend storytelling to your packaging. In addition, try to give characters that convey a story rather than just a mascot. These characters bring your brand’s story to life, often in a cartoonish, fun way that makes you feel like you’re reading a comic book as your eye travels through the packaging design.

Solid Color

One packaging trend that you might want to try this year is solid color packaging. Although this packaging trend has less color. It is visually appealing as well. This year, expect to see packaging designs that let the copy and (often unconventional) color choices do all the talking.

To make your brand stand out this year, it is a must to innovate your product packaging not just your product. Try to pack it up with today’s latest trends. Visually pleasing packaging attracts customers. Cr8ive Boxes is equipped in making your product packaging stand out in the market. Visit https://cr8tiveboxeslabels.com/ for more information.

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