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5 Important Reasons of Attractive Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

We are living in a world where normal almost doesn’t count. Well, there are people who would still prefer something plain and things that aren’t too dramatic, but a staggering 90% of buyers today would want something new, fresh, and unusual. 

It’s true not only with the brands that you can name, but everyone in the consumer industry. From the clothing industry, to technology, food, engineering, medical, etc., everything must adapt to the ever-changing and demanding market landscape. Getting your brand packaging customized, the way your consumers would want it, should be your first step. Here’s why and how.   

Brand Persona 

Customizing your packaging will translate your brand message to your consumers much clearly. Aside from that, this way you can set yourself apart from others. From your colors, imagery, font, style, etc., you should come off uniquely.  

The first step you should do is think of the character you want your brand to embody. Do you want your brand to come off strong? Or feminine? Peaceful, classy? Or youthful? Then from there, you can pick the right colors and fonts suitable for you. Red usually exude a strong or a sexually appealing character while pink, nude colors, or pastel usually appeal to the feminine market. If you want to embody luxury or class, then you should choose a classy but minimalistic font like how the biggest luxury brands in the world have done it.  

These small details play a big role on consumer purchase. It isn’t just your product, it’s also how you present it on the outside.  

Unusual experience 

Do not commit the biggest crime in the field of product advertising – boring your consumers with what you sell. If you want to sell something, make it different or let it hit differently to your consumers. How you execute or market your brand reflects what kind of businessman you are. A consumer can see you behind the curtains, especially that this isn’t the black and white era anymore. Anything lackluster is disappointing for them.  

Take it from your experience, you may be a businessman but you are a consumer too. You buy somet hing not just because it’s durable, or 100% authentic, but also because its packaging design appeals to you.  

From there, you may create an unusual experience that your consumers would look up to doing. That’s where your packaging journey would come in. 

Effective Marketing Tool 

Packaging is a missed marketing opportunity for many businesses. The potential of a packaging is sometimes being overlooked and seen as something avoidable or a consumer wouldn’t even mind. That’s wrong! In a consumer journey, the packaging decides the brand loyalty. If your packaging is faulty and would take someone years to open, then that’s already a miss. Or if you give them a white tiresome box may have them thinking that you don’t value them.   

Do not ever undermine your packaging because for one, it can bring great success to your business, beyond what you can imagine.  

Creating an attractive and unusual product packaging is something that consumers today would want to see and buy. Your packaging creates the first impression and not your product, so make it just as outstanding as the product itself. 

If you don’t know where to start, let Cr8tive Boxes and Labels help you shape your packaging journey. We provide state of the art packaging designs via our first-rate equipment and quality packaging materials. Contact us today! 

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