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5 Ways to Utilize Hangtags On Holidays

hangtag on holidays

Many people have the impression that hangtags are only used to display the prices of clothes. In reality, it has much wider use. What hangtags ultimately do is display more useful information about your product, build your brand, and connect you with your customers. Additionally, it’s crucial that you utilize hangtags on holidays.

In this blog, we will let you know 5 important ways to maximize hangtags during the holidays. 

Spec Sheet or Manual

spec sheet

Spec sheet or manual hangtags allow your message to be easily understood. Essentially, you need to highlight your special and unique features or information that your product cannot communicate with a passerby.

All the information you put there can be useful in making your customers interact with your product and eventually purchase it.

Alternative Thank You Cards

thank you card

Alternative thank you cards are extra useful in the holidays. Many businesses use these hangtags to capture more potential customers. The trick is to highlight your offers or discounts to not just encourage people to look but to buy. Generally, these cards help spark a conversation which your product alone cannot do by itself.

Seasonal Decor Card

christmas card

A seasonal decor card is a perfect way to customize your product during the holidays. But to make your holiday hangtag strategies successful, it’s crucial that you have yours stand out. Make it creative, relatable, and easy on the eyes. One popular strategy some brands do is make the decor card blank and folded to leave a space for people to fill in if they plan to give it away as a gift.



If you want your usual coupons to function differently this time, design it as a hangtag. For customers who are more price-sensitive, a hangtag coupon is a big consideration. Naturally, this gives them an extra incentive to buy the product repeatedly.

Custom Bottle Labels 

bottle hangtags

Hangtags make a great complement for bottled-products. These custom bottle label hangtags can serve as a useful alternative to provide personality and holiday elegance to your product. Try to make it more creative than usual, something that people don’t see often.

The great benefits of hangtags are oftentimes overlooked. Although they really depend on great strategies, hangtags can prove to be a big advantage if designed creatively and smartly especially on holidays.

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