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Brief Guide to Holiday Product Packaging

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The holidays are an anticipated event for everyone, both customers and businesses alike. This is the perfect time to think (or rethink) on a holiday product packaging. There are many benefits holiday product packaging can bring to your business and an equal amount of considerations when deciding to get one.  

Things to Consider: 

Firstly, one has to consider two things, one of them being your budget. Given that you would be spending on the packaging this is the most important consideration. Have you already set aside a budget? How much are you willing to spend? Would a simple packaging suffice or do you prefer customizable packaging? Asking yourself these questions can help in your decision of finding the right kind of packaging for you. 

The second one is to consider your product itself. While you may want the most extravagant packaging to catch the customer’s eye, you have to consider whether that is the right way to complement your product. What is the kind of packaging that can not outshine your product but work well alongside it? What would best highlight your company’s branding? Note that being extravagant in your packaging isn’t the only way to utilize packaging. You can make it leaning more towards something minimalist while still having all the necessary elements. 

Get Inspiration

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Don’t be afraid to get inspiration from other brands and see what they’re doing and see what works. Take a page or two and apply it to your business — it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to get that same kind of packaging that they do, but just seeing what appeals to customers. Christmas is still the biggest sales season of the year, so it’s a great window of opportunity. Here are some types of packaging you can do for the holidays. 

Packaging Idea: Printed Boxes 

christmas printed box

These boxes are extremely versatile and one way is to have them custom-designed for the holiday season. There are two types you can use: the thinner product box and the thicker box usually used for eCommerce and mailing. 

If your product is displayed on shelves alongside other competitors, this is a great way to draw attention to your product. For the thicker mailing boxes, having holiday-themed packaging is a good way to make up for the lack of physical shopping and give them a product with packaging that makes up for that experience. 

Packaging Idea: Printed Bag

christmas printed paper bag

If your product does not really fit or suit boxes, then maybe printed bags are a better option for you, a popular option among retailers.  Paper bags can be branded to show your branding as well as be customized to show some holiday flair. It is important though to think about this strategy carefully as you would want to be able to use any leftover bags even when the Christmas season is over. 

Ribbons, Ornaments, and Cards

christmas chocolate ribbons

There are items you can add to your usual packaging that can elevate the Christmas spirit such as ribbons, ornaments, and cards. These are items that won’t break the bank and offer that distinct Christmas feel. Ribbons and ornaments can go well together and tied to your product and have it looking ready for the holidays. They need not be expensive, especially for the ornaments. 

As for the cards, this can also be a way to add a more personalized touch to your packaging. Have either a handwritten or printed message there and connect with your customers for making a purchase. This is something cost-effective that can win you over repeat customers and make a lasting impression. 

Where to get started

The best time to plan for your holiday packaging is as early as you can so that you can use it when the time is right. Make sure that whatever you are planning as part of your holiday marketing idea, is always in line with your business goals and the company’s branding. Investing in the right packaging can not just help in sales but also grow the relationship you have with your customers. Unlock better packaging ideas for your business with Cr8tive Boxes + Labels, and see how we can help drive your holiday business goals. 

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