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Brilliant Packaging Ideas for Chinese New Year

carton box with Chinese plant

Good packaging is not just something that should be eye-catching, but something that stays relevant to the times and sentiments of the people. This is where seasonality comes into the picture. Whenever occasions such as Christmas and Chinese New Year comes, it is nice to have packaging that reflects that, telling your customer that you care about these occasions as much as they do. Good thing, we prepared some of the best packaging ideas for Chinese New Year that you can incorporate into your product’s look for the occasion.

Gift set packaging

What better way to show off your readiness for the festivities than with a whole gift set. Food and vanity products can work really well with themed gift set packaging, but the best part is that it is versatile enough to let any product shine. Visually, it can perfectly capture the essence of Chinese New Year with its different packaging items from the paper bag to the box holding the product items. This is a great way to show good health and fortune as shown in the packaging design, by buying the entire product set.

Box packaging

You can spice up the usual box carton packaging to show off Chinese New Year designs, especially on the top cover of the box. Having golds as an accent to the red design is a great way to make the design stand out, whether it be messages of good fortune or a drawing showing off the upcoming Chinese Zodiac year in 2021, which is the Ox. To top it off a red or gold themed ribbon would be a nice way to wrap up the box and make it look extra festive.

Paper bags

One of the most straightforward packaging ideas is to have a themed paper bag. The best part about this is that this does not just cover one kind of product but can carry over to all the products that you have in your store. These bags come in many different shapes, sizes, and variations, but having a design that reflects the holiday is a way to keep customers satisfied even with just your packaging.

For more packaging ideas for Chinese New Year, you may check out this creative list from Swedbrand Group.

Do not miss out on the chance to adorn your usual packaging items to match the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration. Get these packaging ideas for Chinese New Year to be taken into account. Creatively designed packaging can not only help catch the eye of customers but also help to turn them in to recurring customers. Discover the many possibilities for your product packaging with Cr8tive Boxes + Labels and see how you can elevate your products one package at a time.

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If you want to jumpstart your product label and keep up with the trends this 2021, get in touch with us and request a quote now!

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