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For faster response to your inquiries, kindly message us on Viber at 0919 069 8369. (Mon-Fri only)



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Custom Printed Boxes for Your Business

printed box

For brands, product packaging is the easiest route to connect with a consumer. It also happens to be one of the most underutilized marketing opportunities. It only comes out of a need for storage or protection in the shipment process but focusing solely on your product means missing some of its important opportunities. Creating custom printed boxes could be a start and eventually deliver a functional product and bring thrill on your customer’s unboxing experience.

On this blog, we will guide you on how to create custom printed boxes to level up your brand persona.

Create valuable and Instagram-worthy custom printed boxes

Instagram-worthy box

The first business interaction customers make is when they open the box.  After seeing what’s inside, they then decide how they feel about their purchase and how they feel about the brand as a whole. It is actually the start of making a positive impression that brands sometimes miss.

A branded and high-end looking box says so much about the brand and what the company stands for. If the box is exceptional, valuable, and Instagram-worthy, the product must be too.

Always think beyond a plain and blank box. Do not forget to display your logo, branding, and other important information about your product. You can also highlight what sets you out from your competitors. Choose beautiful color combinations and be minimalistic. Creativity is always the key to a successful business. 

Having a branded box can increase the legitimacy of your business

branded box

Most companies invest in research to make an impact on their product presentation. They try to achieve the professional, legitimate, and innovative persona they want to be seen. The very first step is how they should present themselves in a box.

If you think about it, which one would appear to come from a reputable company? A plain unmarked box or an elevated branded box? The latter obviously.

The little known best part? This customization comes surprisingly affordable because doing an original thing doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

Custom shipping boxes can enhance your social media presence

customized boxes

It works wonders how a packaging box could create any relevance to your social media influence.

In recent years, product unboxing has become popular among influencers, bloggers, celebrities, and even regular customers. Getting them hooked up on your packaging can earn you thousands of followings on Instagram and Facebook in no less than a day. This is a free influencer marketing for you.

Generally, no one would want to share a photo of a plain, boring box on social media. Having an aesthetically pleasing and on-point custom printed box can make you instantly recognizable.

And another objective to definitely consider is sustainability. Consumers become more conscious of their footprint. Having a sustainable box option can be a noteworthy boost to your overall branding and social media presence. Consumers today like it green and cruelty-free.

Brands often miss the importance of product presentation that they take it for granted. Try to assess, where did that take you? If nowhere, it’s time for an upgrade.

Cr8tive Boxes + Labels offers packaging solutions fit for your business. From lightweight to fabricated folding carton packaging, we got you covered. Request a quote now!


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