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Effectiveness of Sticker Marketing Campaign

Effectiveness of Stickers

Every time we go outside, it’s hard to never look at what we always see on the street: cars, people, and advertisements. Aside from cars and people, advertisement is one of the most populous things we see on the street. From billboards to electronic billboards, posters to flyers, and even stickers.

Yes, you heard it, even stickers can be a form of marketing campaign. This sometimes large but mostly small type of gimmick can actually make an impression on anyone. After all, it sticks to your mind, well not literally.

In this blog, we laid out five reasons why you should start stickers as your next marketing campaign:

Stickers can be placed anywhere

Yes, you heard it again, stickers can be placed anywhere. A well-made sticker must be placed wherever you want. most of the time it doesn’t matter what the brand is, it’s all about the eye-catching design.

These may be small in portion but they are a powerful and cheap marketing tool – talk about saving a lot of money! Just by buying your favorite drink, to someone holding a laptop, chances are there’s a sticker attached to it.

Not only it sticks in one place, but it travels everywhere. As they say, stickers travel with the consumer. Whether the person is bringing a water bottle from the office to the gym; or it is on the bumper car that drives all around the town or even across the country. These spots make a big recall lift to whoever is able to come across it.

Increase your brand’s value without breaking the bank

Another reason why stickers are a powerful advertisement is because of their perceived value. You would rather go for a high quality-made sticker, which brings power and appeal, than using a pamphlet or brochure.

Think about it, when someone hands you a brochure, you’re likely to toss it to the trash can, whereas, when someone hands you a well-made sticker, you are likely to look where you can stick it. And for a more win-win situation, If the sticker design resonates with you, you are most likely to look for that brand. 

Create brand culture through powerful messaging

You think that stickers stick because they are designed perfectly, we’ll you’re wrong. As marketing campaigns keep on evolving, so are stickers.

Stickers can also be found useful in social marketing campaigns – as a form to spread a message and to be used as something of a “social badge”.

One of the most popular stickers that evokes revolution are political bumper stickers and the universal “I voted” sticker. These types of stickers are often seen in cars. With stickers like these, they pave the way to create a social awareness to publicly share their values, their social identities, and their belief systems.

Better relationships with customers means more return-purchases

Since we are in the new normal situation, most of the businesses are transforming online to increase more sales. One way to also increase brand awareness is by tucking a few stickers into the package with a product – a great “freebie” for your customers and brand promotion, as well.

This type of marketing campaign helps brands to connect with their consumers without spending too much media display ads or billboards.

As for product packaging, stickers are so in right now to maximize your return on brand logo stickers. Using stickers as a way to seal your packages and including them in the box with other product purchases will hype up your unboxing experience.

Creative possibilities are endless

With great sticker design comes great research. Of course, you won’t put your stickers out in the public because you just love the design or the color. You should also consider your customer’s appeal towards your brand – the way to attract them to buy yours.

Sure that brand logos have their place in the sticker industry, but in terms of a “social badge”, you should be designing high quality yet visually appealing and stimulating stickers that will make an impact, and at the same time, that will stick through time.

In today’s competition for business gimmick, stickers are your next big marketing campaign to reinforce the popularity and culture surrounding your brand. What kind of sticker is right for you? What shape speaks to your brand? You’ll ask these questions as you start your sticker journey.

Lucky for you, we at Cr8tive Boxes + Labels will help your brand create its first impression. From packaging design to packaging creation, we’ll definitely make your brand stick. Request a quote now!

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