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Evaluating your Package Design 101

Evaluating your Package Design

Most of us already know about the 4Ps of the marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion), and how they make up a brand altogether. Today, let’s talk about the other P – the Packaging.

Start-ups today bring up new and innovative products in the market, focusing mainly on what makes their product distinct from the others. But do you realize how you would get people to buy your product? We bet your answer is through marketing, but really, it’s the eye-catching, made-you-look, customer-attracting packaging!

The package in itself must be treated like the product that you’re marketing, well, it’s the first thing that people see until they start opening it and say hello to what you’re really selling. We know for a fact that first impressions last, not only when we meet new people but also when we come across a new product on display. So now, let’s talk more about how you can come up with the packaging that’s capable of generating customer engagements.

Tip #1: Choose appropriate and stimulating colors

We say appropriate because there are already colors instilled in people’s mind that make products defined to a category like what beauty products packaging usually looks like and how it is different from the packaging that food businesses normally use with their products. The colors you choose for your packaging must also be stimulating since your main goal is to attract buyers and not let them be swayed by other competing products. Consider hiring a good graphics designer, because we guarantee that your expenses and efforts will be payed off!

Tip #2: Brand and product name must be readable

Now, there are products on display that you would see people with curled up brows while looking at its packaging, and you’d eventually get why – the words are barely readable. It’s not like you have to make everything look big in there, besides the brand and product name which is a must, but if those words are key to getting potential customers to buy your product then at least make them look the part. 

Tip #3: Price must be displayed

People would always look for how much money they will spend in getting your product in that very cute packaging. Brands don’t usually consider displaying this information in the packaging, without realizing how often the prices of various products get mixed up so easily that when people pay in the cashier they end up buying it for a higher price than what it says on display, and then starts to fuss. And we don’t want that kind of drama happening! so just put the price in your packaging and not worry about a thing!

Tip #4: Don’t forget to include the distinctions and benefits

Of course this should be in your packaging! Flaunt how special your products are and what would your customers get if they choose it instead of the next one beside it. Careful though, you don’t want your customers to be overwhelmed by the information on your packaging. So just put the essential ones, make them as understandable as possible, and just stay true about them.

Tip #5: Try to be as eco-friendly as possible

Big businesses don’t usually consider this, but for start-ups or businesses that’s just familiarizing the dos and don’ts of running a business, this one’s for you. Some people are actually careful that they are consuming products that won’t do so much harm on the planet, so even if a product is new, if they know that their packaging is carefully curated to be as friendly to the environment as possible, the consideration of a purchase is highly likely.

So whether you are still planning your future business, a newbie, or a salesperson, remember that there’s another P that’s as important as the 4Ps in the marketing mix.

Packaging can actually go a long way from just attracting your first potential buyers, to keeping them to patronize your products, and eventually be a factor of your business success. Cr8tive Boxes + Labels, can help you create a defined path for evaluation for the best packaging for your brand!

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