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Gift Wrapping Inspirations – DIY Kraft Bags

DIY kraft bag

During the holidays, we always look forward to festivities that include food, family gatherings, gift-giving, and a whole lot more activities. Especially on gifts, we love giving and receiving presents that would make us feel special. Sometimes we like presents more when customized or kept in big carton boxes or in DIY kraft bags or paper bags with sweet thank you notes. But years have passed, not only the things we wrap inside are important but also how we wrapped it and the gift wrappings we use. 

The grandeur of your wrapping skills is one of the most special gifts you can give to your loved ones. Here at Cr8tive Boxes + Labels, we have all kinds of packaging solutions that could work for you this gift-giving season. May it be paper bags, kraft bags, carton boxes, product boxes, or wrapping papers, all are special because as they say, it’s the thought that counts.

But if you’re on a tight budget and still want to make yours authentic and unique, we’ll teach you how to awesomely style one. Most would know, Kraft bags, carton boxes, and wrapping papers are a few of the holiday favorites for many of our customers. Especially on kraft packaging products, this is your canvas waiting to be embellished and personalized that suits your style.

Christmas-themed packaging 

In using kraft bags and boxes, you can incorporate simple star shapes or Christmas trees to make the design more holiday-related. To add more sparkle, tie it in a red ribbon with “Santa” printed on your gift packaging. Just make sure that they are with stamps and black ink, white Sharpie paint markers, and pieces of fresh cedar.

By doing this, you can:

1. Stamp an image of any object you like onto a flat-folding box.

Tip – you can also stamp your image onto a piece of kraft wrapping paper and wrap it around the box.

2. You can use any light colors paint marker to add some details to your design. Here we added snowflakes and a couple of little features to the truck.

3. Small pieces of fresh cedar or garland were attached to the kraft paper using a few pieces of two-sided tape.

You can finish it off with a ribbon. Here we use striped ribbon around the box. You can also try opting for other Christmas colors or printed designs in your ribbon to make it more unique.

DIY Kraft Bags and Paper Bags

starbucks kraft bag

For our kraft bag, the same design applies but you create your own taste. This time, we added some techniques to look a little differently. Just cut a small slit into the bag so that the cedar will be inserted into the “trunk” of the truck then attached it with two-sided tape to keep the cedar in place. To make it more personalized, remove the handles of the bag and replace them with ribbon.

Not only gifts are important but also messages. Why not combine it both? One unique feature a kraft bag can do is that you can do your own handwriting and write your messages in an instant. One trick you can achieve is to add it as a little hidden message inside of the bag. Keep it simple and keep it personal. Be your own secret Santa!

DIY Kraft Bags ideas and Carton Boxes

christmas carton boxes

Another idea you can do last minute is to punch two holes in the top of the bag and then insert your ribbon to close the bag, added as a decorative detail. To make it more DIY, you can attach any object you like, just it’s light-weighted to keep the bag in shape.

Kraft bags are not only for gifts but also for your food packaging. To make your packaging more exclusive, add your holiday stickers as your gift cards. Then you can write your message on the gift card and at the same time, you can draw wreaths and other designs using paint markers. And since you are putting food in the kraft bag, you can add baker’s twine by punching two holes in the top – this idea is for prepackaged baked goods so that it will be contained until opened. Now your small business will definitely boom this holiday season!

Some of you may feel a little indifferent about actually celebrating such an awful year but as Filipinos, we aren’t really the type to shelf off a holiday season. And since we are on a budget up until next year and if these tips aren’t something that you are actually capable of doing, just give us a call and we will make your holiday-inspired packaging more unique and relatable. 

For more out of the box ideas, Cr8tive Boxes + Labels is your one-stop-shop for creating unique packaging. We have every packaging you need that suits your style and brand identity. Hurry and request a quote now!

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