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How Can Paper Bag Packaging Boost Your Brand?

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Consumer decisions are based on memory and experience. We have built a capitalistic society that tells a seller to either impress people or not sell at all. This is because people would remember “I am never buying that product again,” more than “I love that product”. Your packaging is as essential as the product itself. One way or another, paper bag packaging will make sure you get every spot on the shelves right. 

There are a lot of types of promotional bags available in the market today. Some are expensive, looking expensive, eco-conscious but mostly are convenient and pocket-friendly promotional bags. But the most commonly used of them all are paper bags and kraft bags. 

Paper Bag Packaging

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First off, paper bag packaging is the go-to bag for a lot of different brands. They are environmentally-friendly, cost-efficient, not a travel hazard, and are the most convenient to carry and transport. You would notice by just hanging around the malls or grocery stores. 

From the name itself, they are generally made of paper but are well-built. These are either made of a paper art carton or kraft. The only difference they have is the thickness of the paper used. A paper cart carton can be thicker so it can handle heavier items while kraft bags are a little thinner.

Rule of thumb: choose your colors wisely. Many consumers today are very picky in terms of colors especially millennials and Gen Zs. If they don’t like the shade of red or blue that you used, there’s not a chance that they will get it. The color will always play a huge role in the perception of a brand. 

If this is something you’re not too expert to do, Cr8tive Boxes + Label will help you plan this thing out. Our paper bags already include the bottom board, cord handle, and all different hues and shades that you can choose from. We offer:

Full-Colour Paper Bag

We use a fold cote Sandwich #10, plastic/matte lamination, and full CMYK printing but without an eyelet. You may find all the sizes available here

Two-Colour Paper Bag

We use 130gsm bleach kraft to produce our two-color paper bag. This one, however, does not include lamination and an eyelet.

One-Colour Paper Bag

Our one-color paper bag printing is almost the same as our two-color paper bag printing. It also uses 130gsm bleach kraft with a bottom board but no lamination and an eyelet. 

To also give you an idea of how these paper bags will benefit your business, we have listed down a few crucial points you should take note of.

Easy brand promotion and free marketing 

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If you want to boost your brand and connect with your audiences, a personalized paper bag or kraft bag is the best possible option that you can use. Creating a new paper bag design is easy. Once you already have your ideas in mind, it can be easily customized according to your brand guidelines.

A carefully thought paper bag is also a great way to say that “we appreciate you for your purchase”. Once they feel valued, they’d purchase more and give you free word of mouth advertising. 


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The world has created a pit for businesses to fight their way through. But let’s be real; only known brands with enormous marketing budgets are usually the ones that make it big online and offline. If you don’t have the resources yet, try to find the light on what’s available currently like your brand packaging. 

Another way to add spice to your brand marketing campaigns is to customize your paper bags according to season. Make your designs, messaging, and layouts timely and positive. You can also customize your products, create interesting and useful collectibles and rewards or benefits for your avid consumers. Better if you give some for free. 


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What makes paper bags and kraft bags more likable is that it’s eco-safe. Most of these paper bags can stay for a time and if in case you dispose of it, they don’t linger around the earth for years as plastics do.

Paper bags in general drive great exposure to your brand. Once your customer carries it around, they technically promote your brand to people.

Don’t miss out on the chance to boost your brand with paper bags, especially this holiday season! Cr8tive Boxes + Label is one of the most trusted kraft bag and customized paper bags suppliers  in the Philippines.

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