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How to Create a Custom Packaging this 2021

custom packaging

With the rise in the trend of E-commerce, businesses have been utilizing packaging as a way to protect and provide a sense of branding for their products. This has led to a great increase in the need for packaging solutions that can handle the logistics of this activity. 

While packaging in itself offers a way to be able to protect items in transit, there has been another aspect to packaging that people do not realize. The packaging is also a direct channel to communicate to the customer, making the right marketing for it important. 

Why is this important? With E-commerce, the shopping journey of the customer is different as it would be in a typical physical store setup. Their first touchpoint would be with your E-commerce platforms such as your website or social media page. The next touchpoint would immediately be receiving your product as it is delivered. With customers seeing less of your brand, it makes it vital to show more when you ship their products. 

Packaging that is designed and branded well can help improve the experience of the product to your customer. With that said, here is how you can make the best custom packaging experience for your customers. 

Consider the base packaging 

This is most of the packaging that would come to mind for most people. This can vary from anywhere to corrugated boxes, paper bags, or paper boxes. Think about your brand to see which packaging can best reflect it and at the same time be enough to provide protection for your product. If your brand is eco-friendly, then sustainable packaging options may be something you would like to look at, such as mailer bags that are made to be compostable. 

Other fillers

While the base packaging can get the job done, there are other fillers you can add to enhance the experience. Examples of this are tissue paper, crepe paper crinkle paper, and similar materials to make sure that there is “filling” and your product is not just bouncing around the packaging. Other filler options are available such as foam inserts or bubble wrap. 

Product Information cards, business cards, or personal notes

One of the cost-effective ways to add a little extra something to your product involves adding printed cards or notes. Depending on your product, this can be a card that contains necessary or additional product information, a business card with your branding and other contact information, or personal notes which allow you to reach out and thank your customer. You can be creative with this and align it to your overall branding. 

With the right packaging, you can connect more with your customers and even make them repeat customers. Make the most out of this channel to be able to put your best foot forward in your business. 

The ideal packaging does not have to be expensive. The right provider can give you custom packaging that is made with quality and tailor-fit for your product needs. Discover more packaging ideas with Cr8tive Boxes and Labels, and see how we can help your packaging experience. 

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