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How To Use Stickers & Labels Effectively?

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Do you ever wonder why many businesses use stickers & labels? If we were to talk about longevity and cost, stickers & labels usually top their list. They are only a few of many marketing initiatives that businesses have been using for the longest time. Many can attest to how far they have gotten just with stickers & labels’ help.

In this blog, we will teach you how to strategically use stickers and labels to further maximize the potentials of your brand.

Street Promotions

stickers in the street

People who occasionally watch TV or browse online are the ones who could be your potential consumers but apparently, you can’t just get a hand of. Luckily street advertising is within your reach.

Street promotions will help you reach possible customers without the use of the internet or any advanced means. Based on the lead generation perspective, putting your stickers at intersections, crowded streets, or sidewalks are convenient ways to expand your brand reach and eventually grow more of your business.

But what should you put to create a memorable impact? Your logo, a witty fun quote or loud image, or anything that will let your intended audience remember will do. In that way, your punchline is also still on-brand.

New Product Launches

product launch

Presenting your product to the market is definitely tough, especially if you’re launching a new product. Consider making a customized sticker just for your new products. It could be a way to reach new people or spread the word about your launch.

Prior to the official launch, just print your campaign slogan into a sticker to build up the hype and generate excitement. Then when the launching day comes, expect to gain a pool of interested people ready to avail of your product.

Furthermore, to get people to drive traffic to your website or social media page, it’s worth including the link. More traffic means more effective SEO and SMM campaign.

Bumper Stickers

bumper stickers

This is most useful for fun, quirky brands. Work with your team to create memorable yet viral phrases or slogans and stick it to cars who are on the road every single day. This scores your business a huge amount of visibility and a wider market reach.

Sticky Business Cards

business card stickers

Get your business card to a new level of awesomeness, the sticker-style. This new sticker-style business card will bring added fun to your future meetings with clients. In most traditional business cards, they end up being forgotten in bags or in a sea of paper on desks. Coming up with a unique way to approach it gives you chances of converting leads to potential, new customers.

Social Media

Facebook emojis

Presenting your brand on social media can be tricky as it’s a challenge to target the right audience at the right time, not to mention allocating a big budget is massively risky. It can be worthwhile printing your social media handles onto stickers that can either be given away with the purchase or handed out for free in your store or office.

Keep your stickers & labels simple

It’s been discussed in many of our previous blogs that you should keep your labels at only 1-2 short words or better if none at all.

Stickers should be your way to communicate creativity without words. But if it’s a sticker for your product packaging, well then it’s a different story. There are a few things you should highlight like ingredients, processes, tips, etc. May it be for fun or for your brand, remember to always keep it as simple and comprehensive as possible.

There are a lot of ways stickers can be used to help gain visibility and awareness and eventually turn your audience into customers. And if you’re ready to begin your sticker-style packaging journey, get in touch with us at Cr8tive Boxes & Labels

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Excited to have your own stickers? Request a quote now!

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