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For faster response to your inquiries, kindly message us on Viber at 0919 069 8369. (Mon-Fri only)



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New Year, More Cr8tive

Pop the champagne and bring on the fireworks! 2023 is here and we’re more than ready to start the year with a bang!

The time has come to shed the old and welcome what’s new! While we are fairly proud of what we have accomplished last year, we feel that we still have a lot of room to work on and improve as service providers. With this, we want to join in with others on a tried and tested start-of-the-year ritual: creating new year’s resolutions!


Like most, here at Cr8tive have set our own new year’s resolutions based on what we expect and  what we want to do for 2023. However, unlike some, we plan to see this through not only just because we benefit from accomplishing them but also because we see these resolutions as a means to develop how we could serve you all better in the packaging industry. In other words, we only have all of you in mind!


So, what are our resolutions for this year? Simply put and for conciseness, our resolutions can be categorized into two. Namely, we categorize them as either “better quality” or “better service”.


Better Quality

As a packaging company that prides itself in creating the best housing for your prized goods, we have nowhere to go but up!


Quality can be seen from the materials we use, the integrity of our packaging structures, and even on how they hold on to your products and present them to potential clients in an appealing light. We at Cr8tive always ensure that our clients only receive the highest quality when it comes to packaging. Still, we believe that what we do can still be improved, and the highest quality we provide can still go higher through streamlining and reassessing the processes that go into the production of packages.


Better Service

Cr8tive also prides itself in the variety of packaging that we can provide. Still, as long as there are new products being made and demands being set, there will always be the opportunity to update the scope of our service and how this is delivered to the end-users.


With this, you can be sure that our research and development professionals are working non-stop in the bid to maximize what we could do and how we could do better what we do best!


Nothing is concrete as of yet. This is merely our framework that we use to guide our actions as we go through the year. It is our hope that through this, we could become a better company that could provide you with the satisfaction of having the best kind of packaging a product could have.


For those who have been with us since the previous years, we thank you for your patronage! For those planning to do business with us, we can’t wait to get you what you want for a package! For everyone reading this, may we all have a wonderful year ahead full of success and wonder! 


Once again, Happy New Year!

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