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Packaging Fails – 5 Brands That Got It Wrong

bad packaging

Seeing product packaging fails online or having to try them first-hand is as horrible as it is hilarious. We may all have had our shares of “Well, this is a waste of money” kind of experience or perhaps bumped into an item that made you think, “I’m never buying this thing”. Bad packaging is a waste of everything – money, time, and opportunities. To present your product badly to the world would only mean you losing the game.

Make sure to continue reading and take note of the things that you need to avoid while planning your product packaging strategies especially this holiday season. 

A big box for a small product


If you are selling a small product like electronic parts, accessories, and whatnot, fit them in a packaging box or a carton box that isn’t as overwhelming as the picture shown above. A small product should instead be put in a small carton box where it can sit comfortably and safely while in transit. A bigger package would also mean a higher delivery charge as it takes more space than intended.

Avoid the unnecessary

cotton buds

There are other packaging designs or approaches that are just completely unnecessary. Convenience is an essential part of your overall customer journey. You should think thoroughly about how to beautifully present your product without compromising its convenience.

Don’t go against your core values

paper cup

A brand or a product should live to its core values. If your product advocates for something, make sure to be consistent and passionate about it. People see the irony in things more than its essence. So in this regard, if you try to help save the planet and still use plastic in any way, people would definitely enjoy bashing your product across the internet.

If you aren’t prepared to be an international embarrassment, then think of your packaging through and through.

What about wrap rage?

torn charger

Everyone may have already experienced this one. There are certain products that we buy online or offline that could sometimes get the best of us. Why would someone attain to keep a product on a wrap that would take someone who bought it, years to take off? Unpacking is another beautiful experience that many people are looking forward to doing. Allow your customer to enjoy that journey so make your packaging convenient, easy, and exciting to unpack.

Lazy Packaging

raw eggs

No one hates anything more than lazy packaging fails in a product presentation sense. The first thing a consumer would look into a product is its packaging. If a consumer sees nothing but a blank carton box or a clear plastic bag, then it’s safe to assume that you just lost one potential repeat customer.

Your product packaging is everything. How you dress up your product equates to how you want it to be seen. And consumers do not just see it, they buy it.

Do not settle for mediocrity and wait for your brand’s doom. Plan everything, from the messaging, color combinations, content, designs to the type of packaging materials you are going to use. And the quality should be on top of all.

Make sure to choose the right product packaging partner or supplier to help you achieve your goals and stand out from the rest.

Here at Cr8tive Boxes & Labels, we offer the best packaging solutions like accessory boxesrejuvenating boxeslip tint boxesfood boxesperfume boxespharmaceutical boxessoap boxescorrugated boxpaper bagshangtags to sticker labels.

Avoid packaging fails and try to reinvent your packaging with us! Request a quote now!

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