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Packaging & Sustainability: Why Does it Matter?

sustainable packaging coffee cup

The great shifts in our market conditions this year have helped establish new standards and shaped the economy to be more environmentally-concerned. 2020 has been a disaster for both humans and the environment. Aside from the pandemic, we have also seen great typhoons and other never before seen ecological catastrophes. For your brand to be part of the conversation, sustainable packaging is one way to go. Reach more loyal consumers who want to be part of your advocacy.

Essentially, sustainable packaging offers huge benefits, whether it be environmental or commercial. Especially today that people are becoming more aware of the consequences if we keep on destroying nature.

In this blog, we will show you some important factors why should you consider sustainable packaging for 2021.

Resource efficiency

resource efficiency

Environmentally friendly packaging can help in reducing the problem as far as resource efficiency is concerned. Many types of sustainable packaging use recyclable materials, which extends the life cycle of the product in the process and minimizes wastage.

Consumer choice

sustainable packaging paper bags

Consumers today have more informed choices in terms of the things that they buy. According to a study, buyers are increasingly recognizing the need for businesses to make their packaging sustainable. This isn’t a news flash, actually, since many businesses are already practicing sustainability to get more people to choose them.

Serves as free marketing

recyclable materials

When consumers prefer sustainability as part of the packaging, it becomes a more tangible brand asset. Consumers are more likely to post images and videos of products with attractive and sustainable packaging to different social media sites. That’s basically free online promotion for you. As a businessman, you should maximize your packaging potentials to earn the trust and loyalty of buyers, and pushing for sustainable packaging can help you with that.

Commercial future-proofing

biodegradable coffee cup

Gone are the days when sustainability was just a bonus. Today, sustainable practices have now become a requirement to achieve long-term goals. Brands that operate in big sectors are recognizing the importance of sustainability in their packaging for future-proofing reasons.

These are just a few benefits of sustainable packaging that can help in making your business successful. This move to being sustainable shouldn’t only be for revenue reasons. On top of the profit and popularity that you could be getting, the real purpose of actually helping the environment thrive should be your primary goal.

Aside from having a more sustainable packaging, you should also consider the quality of your packaging. Cr8ive Boxes + Labels is equipped with state-of-the-art machines to guarantee you that.

We also offer a variety of packaging solutions from accessory boxes, rejuvenating boxes, lip tint boxes, food boxes, perfume boxes, pharmaceutical boxes, soap boxes, corrugated boxes, paper bags, hangtags to sticker labels.

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