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Why Product Packaging Matters?

pink beautiful carton box packaging

Humans are easily joyed over the simplest things. A simple, “Hi, how are you?” can melt us, or hearing the words, “Let’s hang out, we miss you”, would make us sweat to the excitement. On special days like birthdays, we can’t sometimes help but stirringly check outside the door every now and then to see if a big carton box is lying there. Holidays are exciting times to receive gifts and getting something special is heart-melting but seeing it kept in sweet packaging is extra heart-whelming.

A businessman, like you, may not necessarily see the magic you bring to people around you. For some, it’s a luxury but for many others, it’s a one-time thing. So as a businessman, it would mean the world if you give your consumers the best experience there is.

In the complex world of product advertising, what you sell is only a piece of it. A purchase isn’t the end of the deal. Your goal is to excite your customer to not get enough of you – may it be by the quality of your product or the overall look of your product packaging.

Don’t stop wooing your customers

Consumers today are extremely visual. On many occasions, they buy something solely based on look. That said, you shouldn’t fling your product on a lazy box or leave it as an afterthought. How you dress up your product is a powerful marketing tool that can either make or break your brand.

It’s undeniable, however, that most marketers or businessmen today do not fully understand the importance of product packaging. In fact, according to Shorr Packaging Corp., only 11% of consumers today are completely satisfied with a product presentation.

That’s a lot of dissatisfaction if you think of it! But to be fair, many of these businesses are also transitioning, updating, and innovating every now and then to catch up with trends and adapt to the ever-changing consumer demands. We just hope you are one of them.

Make your product packaging recognizable

Packaging creates the first impression, not a news flash actually. More than the quality of the product, the packaging dictates how a consumer would feel about the whole thing.

Today, unpacking a product has been made a global trend. Many countries not just in the Philippines are taking their product unpacking journeys to their social media sites. It’s selective for sure so make your product packaging worth the exposure.

Take it from Apple, for instance. Anyone can recognize the white, black, and silver accents of Apple’s packaging. It’s innovative, simple, but likable. No wonder how fast they rose to international fame.

That’s the goal you should set for your business. It’s quite ambitious but nothing is impossible for anyone with a clear goal in mind.

Prioritize convenience

While many of us love a good package but if it’s the kind that would take someone years to open, is definitely upsetting. Consumers tend to be finicky and if they find your product experience one star, they won’t hesitate to leave a bad review on your social media pages. And you should know that a new buyer does not go directly to the purchase page but to the reviews section first. Make sure to make your unpacking experience memorable and convenient.

Keep the environment in mind

We always mention in many of our blogs that your packaging should be as much possible, eco-friendly. Consumers today are more eco-loving than ever. But let’s face it, this shouldn’t even be an option because there shouldn’t be another option. The environment is getting more and more strained, and the rehabilitation can only happen if we don’t add up to the problem.

Product packaging isn’t just a thing, it’s a whole a lot bigger thing. We often leave the packaging last, because for us, what’s only on the inside matters. That’s completely untrue. Both should be given equal importance and must be thought out.

If this is something that you are not equipped to do, here at Cr8tive Boxes +Labels will guide you through the entire process. Just give us a call and we will be happy to do business with you. 

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