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Product Label Trends for 2021

minimalist product labels jam

Perhaps you are not as excited as you once were to greet a new year but we know you are as exhilarated as we are to leave 2020 behind. Last year was a big undeniable mess and to keep up with the new trends is as crucial as it gets. A new lifestyle means new consumer preferences. Not only your overall brand look should change but should adapt to product label trends as well. This year is the time to bounce back and make the most out of the new normal!

Here we’ll list down the product label trends for 2021.

A minimalist design is a way to go

minimalist product labels essential oils

COVID-19 has introduced minimalism to a whole new level. Today, many people have realized that clean and simple designs matter more.

The effect of the pandemic on many people has made them appreciate the beauty and comfort of open spaces even more. Many brands have also noticed that they are becoming more and more attached to things that they can relate themselves to. That’s why these brands now aim to be more relatable, personalized, and minimal as much as possible.

A minimalist product label design is never a bad idea for as long as it won’t look dull.

An eco-friendly and sustainable product label design

eco friendly perfume

Due to the heightened consumer-safety concerns of many, it is important to have a label that doesn’t go after “more is better”. Focus on the designs that evoke concern to people.

Last year wasn’t only just about the virus. We have also been hit by strong typhoons and many other ecological disasters. This, in return, has raised many conversations about sustainability and how to be a more eco-concerned country.

If you want your brand to thrive in this new normal, give time to rethink your approaches. One way to go is to produce a more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging design that should also reflect on your product labels.

Highlight the costs & convenience on your product labels

hygienic items

The current crisis has also reshaped the way we look at the price. All of us have become more price-sensitive as we have narrowed down to only what’s needed.

Make sure that your product labels won’t compromise the price value and convenience of your product. Mainly, focus on what the consumers would need and work your way into it, economically.

Design for the E-Commerce and ship ready product label

make up tools

We know how consumers have shifted from retail shops to online shopping. Unlike in physical shops, people won’t have that much of a choice of what to buy but virtually, is a different story.

Make sure to customize your product label designs according to your business goals. Just swim along with the trends and be updated with new product label design tips and tricks to not be left out.

Aim to stay atop and keep up with trends. Give your all in to boost your products this year and produce product labels that are effective but cost-efficient. Thanks to digital, we can now easily create labels aligned to what the consumers want.

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